Centerless grinding wheels


This method allows external peripheral grinding of a rotating workpiece, ground either through axial or plunge grinding. The workpiece rotates between the grinding wheel and a regulating wheel – whose speed is lower than the grinding wheel’s – and it is supported by the work rest placed between the wheels. The speed of the grinding wheels ranges from 30 to 50 m/sec according to the type of grinding operation and equipment. The type of grinding varies according to feed direction. They can be divided into: Through-feed grinding, Plunge grinding. We provide grinding wheels for these operation types with a diameter up to 660 and thickness up to 820. Factors affecting grinding wheels selection are: the material to be ground, the type of grinding operation, whether it is stock removal or finishing, the severity of grinding operations and the amount of stock removal. As we know the importance and the difficulties connected with grinding, we make our experience and technology available to the customers by recommending our best ceramic or resin based abrasives according to the customer’s requirements and offering technical assistance and support when operating grinders.

Types of grinding operations