Wheels for surface grinding


Surface grinding is used for all grinding operations on flat surfaces, both in continuous and interrupted machining, on horizontal or vertical spindle grinders with reciprocating or rotating tables. Grinding speed ranges from 25 to 63 m/sec. Surface grinding varies according to the type of operation, clamping, equipment and workpiece: Reciprocating Table Surface Grinding, Rotary Table Surface Grinding, Creep-Feed Grinding. Such types of grinding entail severe stock removal and therefore require good resistance to heat. For this reason it is crucial for wheels to be made of sintered superabrasive material (Cubitron) or special superabrasive materials such as Singlecrystal or Corundum ruby, which are compounded with special self-dressing binders in order to grant excellent machining and significant reduction in the amount of dressings. We provide grinding wheels for these operation types with a diameter up to 1260. Factors affecting grinding wheels selection are: the material to be ground, the type of grinding operation, diamond turning, cycle periods, the severity of grinding operation and the amount of stock removal. As we know the importance and the difficulties connected with grinding, we make our experience and technology available to the customers by recommending our best products according to the customer’s requirements and offering technical assistance and support when operating grinders.

Types of grinding operations